As you read this story, know I’m sharing it for a reason. There’s something to be learned from my experience, and it’s not to cherish time. It’s not the importance of family or other hallmark movie lessons. It’s the importance of your health, and why you need to take it seriously.

It’s weird how big a room in the emergency room can feel when everything you fear to lose is in it.

I’ll never forget how massive the first room was. It was 8 in the morning, and I had just arrived at Halifax Health to start my second day…

Is there a formula to discover happiness? Is there a recipe to generate that sensation?

There isn’t.

At least, not that I have found. Those who seek answers to happiness are looking for it in the wrong place. The problem is that happiness means something different to each person. There can be no universal answer on how to be happy. There can be good advice and important lessons to learn. Ultimately, however, happiness is up to the individual.

Because of this, I took a different route. I created an equation that would simplify my life into a single line. …

Photo Credit: Daniel Pohl

When I started my journey into minimalism earlier this year, I tore my life apart. Everything in it came under extreme scrutiny. Every item and every responsibility sat in an interrogation room across the table from me.

“Tell me Facebook, what value are you bringing to my life? Please stop showing me ads and answer the question.”

“Thank you 17 coffee mugs for taking a break from sitting in the cabinet. Can any of you give me a good reason why there’s so many of you? That’s what I thought”.

“Zip up hoodie, according to my records, I haven’t worn…

Photo Credit: Daniel Pohl

What do you have once you get rid of everything? Once the excess clothing has been donated and the clutter left on the curb? You’ve deleted your social media apps from your phone, unsubscribed from 49 different email lists, and you canceled the streaming services you forgot you had, what’s left?

There won’t be much, in most cases, but you can take stock of everything that remains.

Some of you might know that line, everything that remains. It’s one that was made popular by The Minimalists. Recently, I’ve started thinking about that phrase and what it means to me.


Photo Credit: Daniel Pohl

It was 7:30 on a Friday night when I walked into Publix to buy dinner for my girlfriend and myself. While walking through the coffee aisle toward the meat section, I stopped in front of the coffee mugs. I started to wonder, did one of these coffee mugs define my life? More importantly, did they define me better than the 30 coffee mugs we already owned?

The white coffee mug that says “Leave Your Drama For Your Llama” sounded like something I’d say. On the other hand, the refined wood-covered stainless steel travel mug matched my beard and flannel shirt.

Photo Credit: Daniel Pohl

This is the story about the best muffin I’ve ever had and how it reminded me to enjoy the simple things.

It was 9:40 in the morning, and I was standing in line at Island Roasters, a local coffee shop in New Smyrna Beach. It’s a scene that repeats every Sunday. I arrive early to get my coffee, then sit outside and read my Kindle for a few minutes. Before long, my friends will pull up to the curve across the parking lot. We’ll do a quick greeting before they head inside for their morning caffeine fix.

Coffee, however, wasn’t…

Photo Credit: Daniel Pohl

I remember looking over the scattered remnants of my past. Cardboard boxes that were full of clutter and dust. Things I’d collected for years yet never used. There were toys, collectibles, coffee mugs, out-of-date technology, along with an assortment of this, that, and everything else. A single thought went through my head as I took it all in. A line I heard Colin Wright say in Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.

“Anything I leave behind would probably be left behind forever.”

I felt like that should have been a dramatic thought. The truth is that it was comforting…

Every single day, the average person in the United States sees an estimated 5,000 ads. This has risen drastically from the 500 ads the average person would see in the 1970s. Take into account that there are 1,440 minutes in a day, you’re at a rate of 3.5 ads a minute.

Not only has the number of ads we see increased exponentially, but they are also becoming increasingly more invasive. Is there a way we can escape this ad-filled existence?

The short answer is no. You can’t avoid ads. You can try destroying all of your technology, moving into the…

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” -Socrates

What do you need in your life to be happy? That is a question you can ask all 7.8 billion people and get 7.8 billion answers. Some would give you a deep dive into the nature of happiness. Others would place their answers somewhere in wealth and fame. A few would stare at you before loudly crying, which is why you shouldn’t ask life questions to young children.

The Difficult Nature of Finding Happiness

I’m not an influencer, nor…

It’s About More Than Letting Go.

Photo Credit: Daniel Pohl

Minimalism is an age-old idea and a shiny new word. For some, minimalism is a new hipster lifestyle. A counter-culture way of living that started in the late 2000s. Their definition of minimalism is people being as comfortably close to homelessness as possible.

The truth is that minimalism has been around for generations. Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862) is one of history’s most famous minimalist. He might not have called himself one, but his simple living philosophy checked all the boxes. Socrates ( 470 BC — 399 BC), the famous Greek philosopher, was the one who said, “The secret of happiness…

Daniel Pohl

I am a Minimalist blogger and photographer on a journey. This blog is your invitation to join me on this journey.

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